Hard Times May Actually Be Stepping Stones To Opportunities


Stafford, TX, May 2, 2019—Ever feel as if you’re locked in a downward spiral and lack the will or vision to climb back up? Try viewing these challenges another way—as teachers that, if we are willing to learn, can help us find our way forward.

In Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally, coach Michael Taylor aims to change the way we look at our difficulties, instead offering them up as opportunities.

Taylor asks readers if they believe it is possible for them to overcome their adversities, and he answers for them with a resounding “yes.” He cites his own journey from being a dropout, getting divorced, suffering bankruptcy and foreclosure and finally sinking into a deep depression to one day becoming a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio and TV show host, and author.


“For the past 25 years, I’ve been speaking about overcoming adversity,” says Taylor. “Now I’ve taken all of the lessons I’ve learned and put together a powerful resource to support you.”

Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally is a step-by-step guide for turning misfortunes into insight and awareness, tools that are not just for climbing out of your current situation but for tackling any future potential adversities that come your way.

To read more about Michael Taylor, please visit www.adversityisyourgreatestally.com or www.coachmichaeltaylor.com. Or follow him onwww.facebook.com/coachmichaeltaylorwww.twitter.com/coachmichaelt or www.instagram.com/coachmichaeltaylor.

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