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Innovative New Product For Guitar Players. SOLOIST: All-In-One Guitar & Accessory Hanger by Wall-Axe

In a recent press release, Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers announced their latest innovation in guitar accessories, the SOLOIST: All-In-One Guitar & Accessory Hanger, a single-hanger solution inspired by their flagship decorative multi-guitar hangers.

The SOLOIST uses its well-configured triangular shape to securely hold one guitar, plus the guitarist’s most common accessories, including: shoulder guitar straps, clip-on tuners, capos, picks, thumb picks, finger slides, and instrument cable.  All SOLOISTs are made in the USA from beautiful solid oak and fitted with premium hangers.  Never before has a single guitar wall hanger incorporated so much added function for the user. The SOLOIST is truly inspired by the family-owned Wall-Axe company slogan: “The Beauty of Art & Function”.

A few of the most notable features on the SOLOIST are the 4 accessory knobs that border the hanger’s base. By personal preference, the user can securely fasten up to 3 guitar straps on a single knob, and up to 15 guitar picks can be organized by thickness in the 3 allotted slots for easy accessibility.  “We are in the business of solving problems for guitarists…” said Wall-Axe designer, Vance Lambert. “and we resolved the issue of losing our favorite guitar picks and trying to remembering which guitar case we last placed our capos & tuners in!”

The SOLOIST is a derivative of the company’s flagship product, Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers. These are decorative multi-guitar hangers that come in 40+ body shape & color combinations.  The popular LX-Series hosts a variety of stylish laminated wood grains and color variations, while the CS-Series are made from solid Red Oak for those desiring a more rich & natural vibe in their music room.  All of these products are available online, directly from the manufacturer:    

Designed to hang these key accessories:

Guitar Picks


Clip-On Tuners

Guitar Straps

Thumb Picks

Finger Slide

Instrument Cable



Approx. 7.5” wide x 5” tall


Available wall space recommended:

Approx. 18” width x 40” height


What is included:

SOLOIST Oak Wood Base

1 Premium Guitar Hanger

Mounting Hardware

Installation Instructions

Guitar Girl Magazine



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