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LightLead Launch Kick Starter Campaign

London, 2nd July 2015 – Following on from the successful debut of LightLead at the Winter NAMM show, inventors Iconic Sound Ltd, have just started their sixty-day Kickstarter campaign.

LightLead™ is the world’s first optical analogue, jack to jack, musical instrument cable. Its fully patented technology offers musicians a lead with zero capacitance and loading, resulting in a more precise, perfect, dynamic and crystal clear sound. LightLead™ is ideal for guitarists, bass players, and violinists, in fact any electric stringed instrument where a lead is required. Here are just a few of the comments from industry experts:

Iconic Sound’s LightLead™ may be the first substantial innovation on instrument cable technology since, well, the cable was invented.”
There is not a guitar player out there who won’t want one of these.’ Mike Chapman, record producer and songwriter
 ‘I have never had a better signal from a guitar, this lead is nothing short of a paradigm shift in cable technology.’ Producer Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, Elle Goulding, Adele)
It definitely makes your guitar sound clearer and fuller. It’s a clever bit of kit.’ Grammy award winning producer Rik Simpson, currently recording the forthcoming Coldplay album, using prototype LightLeads™

Light Lead Conceptual Casing Design 1
The sixty-day Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds to start manufacturing this revolutionary product. The funds raised will be used to acquire the production tooling needed to start manufacturing LightLead™ and to set up distribution of the product.
Using traditional copper guitar cables has always come with a significant risk of grounding problems. Over the years many musicians have been badly shocked, electrocuted, and there have even been some cases of death.  A well-known example of this is Keith Relf of The Yardbirds (later becoming Led Zeppelin).  Relf was electrocuted and subsequently died on May 14th 1976 as he was playing electric guitar with a badly grounded cable in his basement studio.  Being made from non-conductive fibre optics LightLead™ completely eliminates this risk of an electric shock through the cable.

Light Lead Conceptual Casing Design 2 
There is a strong team behind this product. David Holmes is a sound engineer, programmer and keyboard player and Danielle Barnett is a professional musician, businesswoman and entrepreneur with more than twenty years experience in the music industry.  The new member of the team, Damon Waller, is the ex Managing Director of Orange Amplification and guitar player who brings with him nearly thirty years music industry experience.

Damon Waller_Danielle Barnett_David Holmes  Left to right:  Damon Waller, Danielle Barnett and David Holmes

It is now time for the next generation of musical instrument cables and your contribution will help launch a new revolution in the pro audio arena. The Limited Edition LightLead™ model that is available on Kickstarter is exclusively for our backers, and will not be on general release. Please spread the word and tell your friends.
The future is light!
To find out more about the Kickstarter campaign please go to
To find out more about Iconic Sound Ltd please visit their website,,,

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