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2023 West Coast Songwriters Conference Set for September 9th

REDWOOD CITY, CA (Sept 1, 2023) –  The 2023 West Coast Songwriters Conference will celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the longest-running continuous music conference of its kind in the country. Kickoff for the annual event will take place in the Cardinal Lounge at the Sheraton in Palo Alto on September 8 followed by A.i.i. (actual inspiration and interaction) beginning on September 9 to be held at Canada College in Redwood City, CA,. Attendees will meet fellow musicians as well as the many industry leaders volunteering their time to mentor in a full day of seminars, workshops, and mentoring sessions in an intimate setting. View the program information and purchase tickets here.

Board Member Larry Batiste stated, “The West Coast Songwriters Annual Conference provides a wonderful bridge and rewarding professional development experience for up-and-coming songwriters and music industry veterans.”

“I owe every bit of success that I’ve had in this business to that organization and that moment when I decided to take a chance,” shared James Michael, Lead Singer SIXX:A.M. and successful songwriter on attending a conference.

“The West Coast Songwriters Conference is something that every songwriter, musician and anyone involved in music should experience and benefit from. No matter where you are in your career – there is something for everyone!” exclaimed Nona Brown – Recording Academy Representative and first black woman to be elected President of the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy. “A few years back, I was an attendee, not knowing what to expect. This year I’m excited and honored to be a guest facilitator and I know exactly what to expect – an awesome opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, learn from other industry leaders and connect with our music community!”

Highlights of the conference include one-on-one consultations with industry leaders at the top of their game, opportunities to develop networking and meet collaborators, attend songwriting seminars and legal workshops to learn about the latest industry standards, participation in voice coaching, sound quality and stage presence instruction, review their lyrics with professional songwriters as well as present their songs to industry professionals for feedback.

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