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Heartspeak is the new album from musician, actor and award winning filmmaker Kaelen Ohm’s intimate multimedia project AMAARA. A meditation on love, grief, freedom and self evaluation, the ethereal-pop collection was written as a culmination of a life-changing heartbreak and the end of a marriage. Filmed in an empty NYC setting, the Awake” single/video is a commentary on how the jarring experience of realizing one’s own illusion of perfection can truly wake you up. New album track “Gone” both calls out the perpetrator of a distressing experience while sonically celebrating the transcendence from the dark spaces of grief. Ohm shares, “when time has passed and the heart starts to heal, anger as a phase of grief takes rise and there can be a lot to say.”

An organic collaboration with her longtime bandmate & engineer Brock Geiger from Reuben and the Dark, Heartspeak is the result of ten days of stream-of-consciousness songwriting, recording and producing in Geiger’s spare bedroom studio. Writing all of the songs herself, Ohm sat at the piano or with a guitar first thing each morning until a song was found and the two would collaborate on production and instrumental performance as they spent the rest of the day laying down tracks.

With the news that she was cast as a series regular in the new Netflix original series Hit and Run — a show created by a team who have brought works like The Killing (AMC), House of Cards (Netflix) and The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) — Ohm left Calgary with six songs completed. The show shot in New York City last Fall and Israel for the first quarter of 2020 and was put on pause, four weeks out from wrapping the first season, due to COVID-19. Upon revisiting the body of work, she ultimately decided the album was complete. Heartspeak was mixed at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles by friend and engineer Will MacLellan.

Throughout her acting career, Ohm has appeared in Hell on Wheels (AMC), Taken (NBC), Condor (MGM), Flint (Lifetime Network) and more. In 2018 she starred in Charles Wahl’s short film Little Grey Bubbles which premiered at ten Oscar qualifying festivals worldwide, including SXSW in North America. The film was featured as a Staff Pick on Vimeo, garnered best actress and best short film award nominations and has received wonderful reviews and commentary from around the globe. Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, Ohm currently resides in Los Angeles.

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