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Bella Rios Returns With Sassy New Single “Bitter” After 2 Year Hiatus (OUT NOW)

Nashville, TN-  At only 18 years old, Bella Rios already has a musical past life. After years of exclusively performing covers, she spent her high school years releasing rock-leaning originals, inspired by the classic records she was raised on. “My parents would wake me up by playing Led Zeppelin, Heart, Fleetwood Mac,” Rios says. “It really brought my family together.”

At the same time, she was also traveling and to performing with professional children’s choirs; all while received classical training in both voice and piano.

Her diverse musical background did however lead to a bit of an artistic identity crisis, which inspired her to attempt songwriting in every imaginable genre, determined to find her sound. Bella’s upcoming singles are the successful products of that process: moody, powerhouse pop songs with an edge. Inspired by artists like K.Flay, Dorothy, and Bishop Briggs, Rios’ upcoming release “Bitter” reflects the image of a young artist coming into her own, finding confidence, strength, and a newfound sense of self along the way.


Over quarantine, Bella spent months on end reimagining, reinventing, redefining, and reclaiming her identity both inwardly and artistically. However, this long and arduous process was well worth it, as it led her to discovering her sound and genuine artistic identity.

According to Bella: “‘Bitter’ marks the beginning of a series of releases that I feel demonstrate and introduce the world to my most honest musical style. This song, in particular, introduces a side of myself that rarely surfaces in my daily life- a confidence in my power, an awareness of what I can’t control, and the continued journey of self-acceptance”.

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