Breakout Country Artist Molly Lovette is Ready to Share Stories through her Songwriting Skills with New Single Lovin’ You


Breakout country sweetheart Molly Lovette is ready to share her stories with the world, starting with her brand new single Lovin’ You. With her talent for writing descriptive story-like lyrics paired with catchy country tunes, Molly is ready to take her career to the next level. Lovin’ You is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital retailers now.

Molly is very open about how her songs stem from real life experiences and how she pulls from those feelings to write the honest and heartfelt lyrics she’s known for. “I was coming off a breakup at the time and was still in that bitter stage,” she says of her inspiration behind Lovin’ You. “I always write how I feel in the moment and at that point I was thinking that honestly, I just wished the whole relationship had never happened. There were good times of course, but in that moment the bad outweighed the good, and that is where the song was born.”

The single was written entirely by Molly during a vacation she took last summer to Vegas. “I wasn’t even planning to write while I was there, the melody just kind of popped in my head and I thought like oh I need to record this,” Molly says of how the idea for Lovin’ You originally came to fruition. “Since I was on vacation and didn’t have my guitar, I remember having to sing into my voice memos and use the guitar on the GarageBand app to work the song,” she fondly recalls of the song’s humble beginnings. Though Molly’s writing style can be extremely personal at times, she’s never shied away from expressing the experiences she’s gone through in life. She continues to tell these stories because of the hope that others have gone through similar situations and can relate to her music.


For more information on Molly Lovette check out her website and follow along with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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