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Breakout Singer/Songwriter Hope Waidley releases debut EP “Wonder” 

Today, breakout singer/songwriter Hope Waidley releases her debut EP, Wonder, a story-telling project that speaks to the soul. Throughout Wonder Hope Waidley gifts listeners with a collection of songs that feel personal and intimate, showcasing her signature raspy vocals that will leave listeners speechless.

The five track project, including Hope’s most recent singles “It Rains in Michigan” and “Born Again,” expresses the feeling of perspective and what it means to wonder through multi-faceted lyrics. The title track, “Wonder” sounds breezy and acoustic, illustrating Hope’s sense of wanderlust and her awe at the world’s vastness. The track brilliantly contrasts the following song, “Fade”, a raw power ballad where Hope flexes her robust vocals and tells the story of watching someone close to you going down a dangerous path and being neither what destroys or saves them. “It Rains In Michigan” leads listeners through the timeless story of falling in love. Hope’s personality shines through on rhythmic tracks “Born Again” and “The Boy That Ran Away”, the kind of songs that can be constantly played on repeat. In its entirety, “Wonder” feels light and airy, with a soulful core.

“Wonder” is a flawless representation of Hope Waidley’s extraordinary talent and a fitting introduction to the 20-year-old singer-songwriter. Through this body of work, listeners will be able to feel Hope’s experience, look introspectively with her touching lyrics, and resonate with her comforting sound. This is certainly only the beginning for Hope, and “Wonder” will surely put her on everyone’s radar.

“Some of this EP is about the wondering and some is about the processing after I saw these stories unfold. I wonder about things all the time really, pretty curious. I think each of these songs has wonder in them; different scenarios but they all come from the same outlook. I wonder about people and feelings and perspectives, not in a bad way, I just care and care to know, care to understand, care to love. To wonder is this beautiful thing we can do in life that does not involve planning or assuming or having all the answers. it’s simply imagining, freely and without weight yet with the possibility of truth. And now I’m going to put this music out and wonder some more.”

– Hope Waidley on “Wonder”.

Hope Waidley is a rare talent and an unforgettable voice. A self-taught singer, lyricist, and guitarist, Hope’s musical influences include Amy Winehouse, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Bob Marley. Hope has cultivated a bright and breezy sound that is reminiscent of her personality and is sure to make musical waves. Having released her first EP, Hope in 2017, and more recently, notable singles like “Born Again,” she has garnered over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and she is just getting started. Originally from Grass Lake, Michigan, Hope is now living outside of LA, working on music full-time.


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