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Brenda Cay Releases Her Heartfelt New Single “Talk About Nothing”

January 14th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Brenda Cay releases her heartfelt new single “Talk About Nothing” today on all streaming and download platforms.

“Talk About Nothing” Streaming and Download Link

“My husband and I laugh because we have the same conversation every day about what we want to eat and I told him, “There’s no-one else I’d rather talk about nothing with.” That was the inspiration for my new single, “Talk About Nothing.” It’s about being with that special someone that you are just so comfortable around that you can talk about anything – even those mundane things that add up to nothing. The chorus is playful and sexy with a twist. “When we turn out the lights and kiss, he’s the one I want to talk about nothing with.” – Brenda Cay

 Brenda Cay’s newest ballad “Talk About Nothing” is an anthem for all lovers who don’t need words to express their genuine feelings for each other. The instrumentals consist of an acoustic guitar paired with steady drums, which features an active electric guitar over top that brings the song to life. Brenda’s vocals are honest and clear which help bring out the sincerity within the song’s lyrics. Verses such as “we don’t need to say too much, sometimes it’s baby what’s for lunch” and “we can have a debate and never fight” show how true love shouldn’t involve too much work, and just be filled with conversation through connection. Cay’s “Talk About Nothing” reminds us that no matter how long you’ve been with your partner, everyday should be just as easy as the one before.

“Talk About Nothing” Credits:

Produced by Brian Brewer and Brenda Cay.
Instrumental tracks were recorded at Arch Audio with Ethen Martin engineering
Guitar by Brian Brewer
Bass by Tyler Reddick
Drums by Ivan Garcia
Keys by Hale White
Vocal Production & BGVs by Kristin K. Smith
Mixed by Zach Allen
Mastered by Brian J. Poole

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