Bri Bagwell’s Debut “As Soon As You” Hits Country Radio


Nashville, TN – August 31, 2020… Bri Bagwell is a force to be reckoned with. The singer/songwriter is known for her trailblazing artistry and has been hailed as the future of country music. Her single, “As Soon As You,” is impacting country radio today after scoring No. 1 on Texas radio and earning “most added” and “newest surging and emerging artist” accolades. “As Soon As You” is available on all digital platforms.

“I wrote “As Soon As You” by myself, and I think it was one of those songs that was written in under 30 minutes. Songs don’t always happen like that for me, but when they do, I know it is really honest and personal,” Bri told CMT.


GGM Staff