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Brontë Fall Releases New Single “Outsmart Love” Today (11/19)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 19, 2021) – Nashville-based indie-pop band Brontë Fall, led by singer/songwriter and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Teri Bracken, announces new single “Outsmart Love,” out today. Named as an artist that is “free enough to speak her mind” (PopMatters) and one that “has found a way to express feelings that suggest we don’t need to be tied to outside expectations” (Folk Radio), Bracken teamed up with collaborator Isaac Slutsky to co-write the moody and ethereal new track, exploring the vulnerable nature of falling in love and its uncertainty. “Outsmart Love” was produced by Jake Finch and is the follow up to previously released song “Indiana” and acclaimed EP Finishing School. “Outsmart Love” and “Indiana” will be included on a forthcoming EP due out in 2022. Listen to “Outsmart Love” here:

“When I wrote this song with Isaac, we were in the middle of the pandemic and both going through a lot, and at the same time I was dealing with heartbreak. I was reminded of Emily Brontë’s poem ‘Fall Leaves Fall,’ of which my band name is based after. It involves embracing the darker seasons of our lives and finding the beauty in them. I was inspired by that poem and eager to find the silver linings in everything that I was experiencing. During the process, I wrote about the dark season in my own life, and found both the beauty and irony in all of it,” said Bracken.

Bracken’s love for English literature led to naming the band Brontë Fall as a nod to the legacy of the English sisters of literature – the Brontë sisters who fought the ever-evolving societal restraints on women in the 19th century and published works under male pseudonyms. Capturing their spirit of a centuries-old push by the Brontë sisters to have their-and all women’s-voices heard, Brontë Fall’s most recent release and second studio album Finishing School was lauded as a collection of bold songs and topics that addressed societal norms and expectations on women. American Songwriter praised Bracken’s “non-traditional approach” and Pop Matters highlighted the catalogue of songs that “refer to the ‘good life’ of the American housewife,” in addition to highlighting Bracken’s musicality and instrumentation as a classically-trained Berklee College of Music graduate that often “utilizes pop and alternative rock tropes with different atmospherics.” Additionally, Finishing School was featured by Ditty TV, Guitar Girl Magazine, and Stitched Sound.

The rising multi-instrumentalist and songwriter made the move to Nashville four years ago after spending time in Boston, New York and her hometown of Chicago. Drawn to Nashville’s diverse and evolving music scene, and one that has grown past its’ country music roots to include a fusion of genres including rock and pop, she quickly found like-minded collaborators and began introducing her own blend of indie-pop and rootsy Americana – a sound shaped by years of experience studying orchestral music, playing string instruments and countless classical sonatas and concertos on the violin. Brontë Fall recently released the music video for “Indiana,” a song about growing older, view it here:

This weekend, Brontë Fall is touring in support of new single “Outsmart Love” with performances at The Bur Oak in Madison, WI (11/19), The Golden Dagger in Chicago, IL (11/20) and Hey Nonny in Arlington Heights, IL (11/24). For more information, visit

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