Brooklyn Songcrafter Annie Keating’s New Single “Nobody Knows” Out Today

Subtitle: New LP 'Bristol County Tides' Out June 4th

Photo: Ehud Lazin
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Brooklyn-based artist Annie Keating has released “Nobody Knows,” the latest single from her forthcoming album Bristol County Tides, due out on June 4th. In this timely track, Keating sings, “One thing that’s for sure, nothing’s guaranteed. Life’s a ride into uncertainty.” Like millions of us across the globe, Keating found herself grappling with the uncertainty during the early pandemic days.

“On a personal level, the song explores ways the past can affect and impact the present,” she explains. “The lyrics ‘There’s a little box locked in my chest, a vestige of an untapped past, I tried to put you in that little box too but it broke apart like a skin outgrew, the past I buried deep beneath rattled like a ghost in me’ explore the power of our tapped (and untapped) pasts, the ways we try to put uncomfortable feelings away but ultimately can’t bury what needs to be reckoned with,” she continues. “Truth has a way of surfacing.”

“Nobody Knows” follows the release of single “Kindred Spirit,” a song that pays tribute to those with whom one finds a deep and instant connection with echoes of both the past and present. “During the pandemic, I left the city and relocated to coastal Massachusetts. There, I was lucky to meet such a person, who showed us kindness and connection in a time of isolation. He, along with newfound friends on Third Street (the first track off the album), took us in, teaching me and my son about the river and the tides. I bought a boat and learned to navigate it through the channels where the freshwater meets the salty sea. My dog learned to swim, my boy learned to fish, and the city girl in me entirely gave way to the country, captivated by the river and the tides high and low. The human connections born out of the pandemic time of isolation combined with the beauty of the Bristol County tides inspired this song.  We found joy in times of pandemic hardship and uncertainty through the power of human connection.”

Lucinda Williams. John Prine. Bob Dylan. Allison Krauss. Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash. Bonnie Raitt. Emmylou Harris. Patty Griffin. This is a short list of the musicians Keating has been compared to over the last 15 years. She writes and sings like a woman who knows deep down that heartache is the price of hope, and she can make us believe—in that way that only the best artists can—that all of it is worth the cost. She’s shared the bill with the likes of John Hiatt and Bon Iver, toured internationally many times in a dozen countries, and now, launches this 15-song tour de force—an epic pandemic story of awakening and inspiration that shows this veteran artist at the peak of her powers. On this, her eighth full-length album, Keating delivers songwriting in its most honest, vulnerable, beautiful form.

Bristol County Tides, produced by Teddy Kumpel, is Keating’s most accomplished, inspired, and ambitious work to date. The inspiration for all songs was born there, amidst the rising and falling tides in an idyllic farm to coast New England town, where deep connections were forged amidst times of isolation. Taking us on a journey from Brooklyn to the coast, the river to the sea, an artist awakened delivers 15 beautiful, tender songs that capture a heart slowly lit up on the inside, and feel as true as the tides themselves. Keating is a gifted storyteller who can evoke a joyful summer afternoon one moment, and break your heart open the next.

Bristol County Tides is available for pre-order at iTunesAmazon Music, and at Annie Keating’s website.



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