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Buick Audra Shares New Single & Video “The Melody” New Album Conversations with My Other Voice out September 23 Nashville Record Release Show September 28 at The Basement

Nashville-based singer-songwriter and Grammy-award-winner Buick Audra is pleased to share her new single “The Melody” and its accompanying video, which was directed by Jerry Roe. The song debuted today at Guitar Girl Magazine and is the second single to be lifted from her new album Conversations with My Other Voice. The album, along with a collection of memoir-style essays that correspond with it, will be released on September 23 (pre-order). 

In the “Melody,” Buick Audra ponders the function of language in a relationship she could never make work. The song is both an acknowledgment of failure and a hope to be understood by someone who has never been able to see her. This time around, she’s betting on the music to make her visible; the last resort that comes after a long string of botched attempts to communicate in other ways.

Buick says: “I wrote ‘The Melody’ about the ways we try to fit ourselves to what we think other people want—something I struggled with when I was younger. I wish I’d known that you can’t make someone care about you—and that’s okay. I took this one person’s indifference toward me as a shortcoming on my part and did everything I could to be the kind of person he wanted to be around. When none of it worked, I still held on to this belief that I could make him see me as a valid musician and songwriter, even after we no longer knew each other. The whole idea makes me reel now, but it was true when I wrote this song. I couldn’t care less about what he thinks about me today, but I stand by ‘The Melody.'”

Conversations is a back-and-forth between Buick then, and Buick now. The collection was built by Buick taking five songs from her former life that were never recorded, and five songs she wrote in response to them from here. The result, in the simplest of terms, is a conversation. “The Melody” is one of the original five songs.

The album was written and produced by Buick, making it her first solo release to have no outside writers or co-producers. Buick has announced a hometown record release show to take place on September 28 at The Basement in Nashville. 

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