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Susan Hisey Gets Real With Her Mental Health In Her New Single “Coma”

July 13, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Susan Hisey’s debut single “Coma” is a vulnerable track about coming out of a mental nadir to a changed world. The lyrics take you on a journey through struggling with intense mental health issues while dealing with change amidst a fast-paced society. Simplistic piano chords allow Hisey’s crisp yet emotive voice to come alive as she recounts how she lived her life in a constant “fight or flight” before gradually coming out of this mental “coma.” When you’re so focused on surviving, everyone and everything around you moves on without you even noticing.

It’s jarring, and coming out of that state might leave you feeling bewildered or out-of-touch. New buildings, new people–it all can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s a relief to know that you can finally be present in your reality now, and be around to witness the changes this time. Hisey captures that feeling with wisdom and elegance, and her intimate experience with the matter all shines through to create a track that is ultimately comforting. “Coma” shows us it’s okay to not be okay, and that healing isn’t linear. That’s a message we could all stand to hear more often.

“In a music world saturated with so many talented people, it still surprises me when I listen to a new artist who literally stops me in my tracks. That is Susan Hisey. Her single “Coma” spoke to me and had me in a coma of inspiration with her powerful lyrics. This is a song that most of us can connect with in today’s world”
– Jill Pavel, Heart Songs Music Group

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