Carmen DeLeon delivers her debut single “Volverás”


Miami, FL – August 14, 2020 She conquered the hearts of music lovers when she was a fan favorite on “The Voice” in Spain, and now Los Angeles-based Venezuelan sensation Carmen DeLeon, who recently signed with Capitol Music Group and Universal Music Latin Entertainment, is sharing her worldwide debut single, “Volverás.”

Produced by Tainy, the Puerto Rican mastermind who’s been responsible for churning out some of the biggest hits in reggaetón and trap, “Volverás” (You’ll Be Back) showcases Carmen’s melodic vocal presence against the backdrop of a sexy guitar and classic reggaetón beats. The result is a contagious and empowering song that channels confidence and self-love, from the very first note. The 19-year-old artist sings from the heart, about emotions and experiences we’re all too familiar with, giving it a modern twist with universal appeal.

“Volverás” is a song about the people who wrong you, in any type of relationship, and how their own arrogance can keep them from seeing how they hurt you. The words describe the moment when you realize that those people don’t deserve you, and you make the decision to let them go. I want people to know you create the life that you want and you can choose who’s a part of it! It’s important to love and value yourself.” said Carmen DeLeon.



Accompanying the release of the song is the premiere of the official music video, which captures the essence of the Carmen’s personality and musical style. Filmed on the streets of Los Angeles, the video is playful in spirit and resonates with audiences for the message it delivers about overcoming heartbreak.

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