Country Up-and-Comer Sara Renee’s Dreams Prove to be Unstoppable with Release of Debut EP


Bursting onto the country music scene, Sara Renee is thrilled to be sharing her music with the world. Her debut EP, Unstoppable, produced by Grammy nominee Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) is an eclectic yet specially tailored mix of pop-country that properly introduces Sara’s sound to the genre.

The EP containing six original songs is available oniTunesSpotify and all digital retailers now. The lead single, Home, paints a serene picture of Sara’s soft place to land. It’s a relatable theme for listeners of all ages, an intentional angle that Sara aims for in her writing.


“I like to write songs that anyone can listen to and find themselves in,” she says. “A lot of the songs are so personal to me, like Home, but I want to be able to expand them past my own experiences so others can listen and know someone is going through the same thing.”

To keep up with Sara Renee visit her website and follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

About Sara Renee: On paper, 15-year-old pop-country artist Sara Renee would be predicted to be well beyond her sophomore year of high school. Adopted and raised by her grandparents (parents) in Clearwater, FL, Sara’s knowledge of musical history, love of 50s music and a firm grasp on empathy have all played a part in shaping her into the eloquent artist she is today. Though her heart beats for the music of decades much before her time, the emergence of the pop-country genre in the past few years has paved the way for Sara to find her voice in country music. With a plethora of genres influencing her, her style is unique and personal and while it fits with today’s mainstream country music — it is one hundred percent her. With the end of high school on the horizon, Sara’s powerful drive and unwavering support from her team assure there is no stopping Sara Renee from sharing her songs for years to come.


GGM Staff


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