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Critically Acclaimed Singer / Songwriter Anna Rose Gets Introspective On Third Album Single – Listen to “Alameda”

“It’s extremely autobiographical and it was a really hard one to write for that reason. Alameda is this tiny island off of San Francisco—and the way it was described to me was this beautiful place with pretty houses and sweet families. I realized that it was the fantasy of this place that I wanted to run away to, that I had completely fictionalized it in my mind. It’s not really about Alameda, it’s about the tornado that takes you to a fantasy path forward, like the yellow brick road.”

Alameda” follows Rose‘s two previous releases from Last Girl of The Rodeo – Back on My Bullshit” and “Whatever Gets You Through the Night.” On “Back on My Bullshit,” Rose introduces meditative distortion and emphatic vocals that slowly come into focus as the track progresses. Rose then shifts from a wispy ethereal soundscape into layers of impeccable production on “Whatever Gets You Through the Night,” recalling hints of Massive Attack.

“As a whole, this record – Last Girl of the Rodeo – was the ultimate exercise in stripping away all the bullshit and simply telling the truth,” says Rose. “It’s an autobiographical concept record. It’s a record you make when you have nothing left to lose…or gain.”


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