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DJ/Producer HATERADE Remixes Indie Folk Artist Lauren Minear Song “Heartbroken” Out Now

(New York, NY – January 13, 2023)  In a post-pandemic, digital world, more musicians are collaborating from across the globe with the click of the Enter key. Indie folk pop singer-songwriter Lauren Minear, who recently released her debut album about empowering women, particularly mothers, has teamed up with veteran trap music producer from Southern California, Haterade (aka Noah Lloyd) on a new remix of her single, “Heartbroken.” The remix was officially released today.

“Heartbroken” was the third single from Minear’s debut album, Invisible Woman, that she released in October 2022. UK producer Dan Weeks at WWW Studios in London (for The Online Recording Studio) produced the original version of the song along with other tracks on Minear’s new album, which he also mastered.

Minear wrote the song originally as an emotional ballad after giving birth to her second son during the pandemic. A licensed clinical social worker by trade, Minear took a year off from her psychotherapy practice to focus on raising her two sons. She said that she “felt completely consumed by the responsibilities of caring for, educating, and protecting my children during the pandemic.” She used songwriting as her own form of therapy.

She began writing songs with the intent to help humanize and support mothers who might also be experiencing similar challenges.  A year later, she had completed 55 songs.

Minear met Haterade through her manager, Joe Wadsworth (The Online Recording Studio, UK). She explains, “I have been on the lookout for talented producers to remix my songs since I finished recording them. I love to collaborate and think that good music transcends genre… I thought it would be so cool and unexpected to have my lyrics played on a dance floor and potentially reach new ears. I sent the record to Noah so that he could choose which song most inspired him, and he picked ‘Heartbroken.’ I’m so excited by the choice he made and how different his remix is to anything that I could have made myself.”

About why he selected “Heartbroken,” Noah says, “I heard the vision for the remix as soon as the vocal came on. I knew where I wanted to go with it.” About the production process of the remix, he says, “it took a few different turns. I had the intro, build, break down, and drop drums but I was going back and forth on the style of the drop synths. Eventually, I landed on the one you can hear today and I stuck with it. Like I mentioned before, I rebuilt everything around the vocal so I got the tempo, the key, and just started building the track piece by piece.”

Lauren Minear’s new “Heartbroken” Haterade remix is out on streaming platforms now! Stay tuned for more remixes of Lauren’s music to come.

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