New Jersey-born Haines Country Singer & Songwriter Jessie Haines’ “I Love You” Out Now || 1.13.23

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Jessie Haines is pleased to announce her latest single, “I Love You” is out now. Pressed up against the backdrop of a somber, sweet-sounding steel pedal guitar, Haines’ delicate delivery and near falsetto chorus is simply rapturous. It’s a straight-forward storyline – with love taking Haines  to the breaking point. Knowing full well that the song will elicit a myriad of interpretations, Haines is keen to share that the song is about the addiction to a toxic relationship. Haines’ deliberate, empowered stance is typical for the New Jersey-born country singer and songwriter. Haines is bent on honoring the true country roots from icons such as Tammy Wynette, Wynonna Judd and Johnny Cash, all the same. Still, that East Coast grit and underdog attitude shines through in all she creates. 

“I Love You” is from the forthcoming album, “The Phoenix” and is produced by Chris Badami (mix for Madonna’s “Ray of Light (Remix – Single)”, Drive-Thru Records, The Early November, Tokyo Rose, and more). Haines identifies as part of the queer community, as well as the nomad-community. Home is currently a vintage airstream trailer. You might say that “I Love You” is a bit like the aluminum vessel – a shiny, sheen chrome, with an open heart on the inside. All the baggage is in the rearview mirror, and Haines is holding her head high towards the horizon. 

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