Electro-Rock Chanteuse JENN VIX Releases New EP “6”

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Signifying her sixth “non-single” release since she started releasing solo music in 1995, is now available on all DSPs and streaming services and can be streamed here.

is an adventurous and deeply personal journey through the electropop genre, featuring bombastic dance jams such as “Rover,” and lead single “Ride,” as well as slower and more haunting tracks such as “The Mask of Charon.” The EP finally cascades into the driving crystalline instrumental outro, “Valentine,” which serves as a showcase for Jenn’s production talents.

6 is out now via Umbrella Music Co. It features Jenn Vix (music, lyrics, guitar, synths, vocals, electronic drums, recording)Paul LF (bass guitar) and David Barbarossa(drums).

track listing

1. Ride
2. The Mask of Charon
3. Rover
4. In Your Sleep
5. Show Me the Sun
6. Valentine

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