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Exclusive First Look of Nashville Singer-Songwriter Gabrielle Metz New Single “Masks”

April 4th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Singer-Songwriter Gabrielle Metz, strikes a nerve with her latest single, “Masks” and we all felt a twinge as we identified with her lyrics. Recently signed to a pub deal with Heart Songs Music Group. This is Metz’s first release with her new label under the direction of Vice President Devon O’Day. Click here for an exclusive first listen.

In our society we all were socially distant long before we were forced to be physically distant in 2020. All of the sudden the minimal face-to-face interactions were also taken away and online was the only remaining form of communication. Growing up during the cusp of Generation Z, most conversations were held through texts, snapchat, and social media. Easily superficial, with only the goal of sharing the ‘highlight reel.’ “Some of my first lessons growing up were in the Art of Conversation. Gatherings with friends and family were filled with storytelling and laughter. My inspiration for this song is to bring back that art of communication and community.” – Gabrielle Metz

Metz is historically a lyricist who writes from a very honest perspective through her own experiences. The song “Masks” is about missed connections, and how that affects our interpersonal relationships. Reminiscing on fond childhood memories and searching for acceptance, Metz penned “Masks.” She opens up about her own experience of hiding behind a smile, keeping others at arm’s length, fear of being hurt, not knowing how to let someone in but still being willing to try.

This song is an indie singer-songwriter gem that relies heavily on echoing vocals and cinematic production details to elevate the emotional lyrics. Metz is skilled at writing catchy hooks and hypnotic choruses that dive into the deep subject matter of trusting someone with what hides behind the mask you wear every day. The subtle inclusion of a killer guitar solo and a strong bridge carry “Masks” into the last half of the track and round out the piano-led instrumentals. The unassuming strength in the single captures what Metz is made of- grit and a tenacity that is rare to find. “Masks” promises more powerful writing from the singer in the future, and never just in one genre. Metz reminds us to take off our masks, take down our walls and find people we can be our best authentic selves with.

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