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Sadie Gustafson-Zook Releases “Keep Myself” April 8

Sadie announces the release of her cottagecore folk single, “Keep Myself” on April 8. It’s off the album, Sin of Certainty, due out April 22. Keep Myself” draws on finding the balance between keeping yourself and keeping the relationship.

In March of 2019, Gustafson-Zook had just exited her first gay relationship. She says, “As someone who has been obsessed with the idea of relationships for as long as I can remember, gay dating opened up a whole new world for me, and unsurprisingly, co-dependence emerged as a theme.” She wrote “Keep Myself” to work through her desire for the balance of keeping herself and keeping a relationship.

Gentle tension between chords mirrors the sentiment of the song: the struggle for closeness and independence within a relationship.

“How can I be alone so well until I remember what it is like to be loved?

Then I lose all my independence / Why can’t I keep myself when I’m with her?

Sin of Certainty unearths a new way of looking at identity, the world around us, and our community. Gustafson-Zook says, “I say ‘Sin’ of certainty because I don’t think that being certain should be something to strive for. Instead, I think we should uplift uncertainty, which can lead to so much growth and possibility.” Through delightful musical twists and turns, Gustafson-Zook shows that embracing uncertainty can deliver rays of wonder in unexpected places.

Sin of Certainty Track Listing

  1. Birdsong
  2. Maybe I Don’t Know
  3. Go Easy
  4. Keep Myself
  5. Lean In More
  6. Two
  7. Alewife
  8. Digestion
  9. Your Love Makes Me Smile
  10. Everyone
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