Fender Launches FindYourFender Interactive Guide

Fender offering Three Free Months of Fender Play® Lessons, Alongside Launch of Interactive Guitar Matchmaking Experience For New Players

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Responding to the record-breaking guitar sales during quarantine, Fender announced today the release of an interactive guide called FindYourFender.com to assist guitar players in choosing their perfect instrument for your style.

Along with the FindYourFender.com intuitive guide, Fender is also offering three free months of their guitar learning app, FenderPlay.com, to new users. This is a great tool for the beginner guitarist. It’s as easy as choosing your budget, desired instrument (guitar, bass, uke), tone, color, and genre. Displayed will be instruments geared to your answers.

Check out how easy it is!



“Fender is increasingly focused on bringing new players to our industry as new players have fueled solid growth in guitar sales for over a decade and continue to represent the future of our industry,” said Andy Mooney, CEO at Fender. “Given the accelerated growth in new players entering the market this year, with most researching their buying decisions on-line, we created the FindYourFender experience to assist new players in personally selecting the ideal guitar, uke or bass for them to enjoy.”

FindYourFender will help in answering questions like, “where do I start,” and “what guitar do I buy?”

“The current circumstances have made it harder for new enthusiasts to get the hands-on experience and expert advice they need before investing in their first instrument,” said Evan Jones, CMO at Fender. “For any new player to be successful in the long term, it’s important they get the information they deserve and right instrument from the start. All too often, the guitar buying experience can be overwhelming for beginners, but FindYourFender is one of the first interactive online experience to offer new players an intuitive, personalized solution.”

Three free months of Fender Play is now available for new users at fender.com/playfree. FindYourFender is live for new players in the U.S., U.K .and Australia at findyour.fender.com. For a video walkthrough of FindYourFender click here.

For additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit www.fender.com


GGM Staff