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Fender Releases Next Player Plus Sessions Video with DYLAN

Fender released a Player Plus Sessions video series featuring DYLAN! Check out the full video here: DYLAN | Player Plus Sessions.

At just 22 years old, DYLAN is one of the UK’s most exciting new pop talents. Raised on classic rock and big riffs, she describes herself as “a wannabe rockstar stuck in a pop star’s body.” Growing up with classic rock influences like AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and Rainbow, DYLAN discovered her love for guitar at a young age. In fact, her first guitar was made from a small plywood board her dad cut out, which she painted and embellished with a makeshift Fender headstock.

Being obsessed with all things music, DYLAN taught herself how to play guitar by eavesdropping on her brother’s guitar lessons. She’d sit at the top of the steps while he practiced and copy him until she picked it up. From there, she started writing her own songs because it was faster than learning other songs. Fast forward to today, DYLAN recently supported Ed Sheeran on the UK leg of his tour!

In this most recent edition of the series, DYLAN performs three songs (“Someone Else,” You’re Not Harry Styles,” and “Girl of Your Dreams”) on a Player Plus guitar and talks about falling in love with music, finding her sound, and what it means to be an artist. As an added treat, she takes a guitar apart and paints it, so it’s one-of-a-kind.

The Player Plus guitar seen in this video was designed with the next generation of players in mind who are actively shaping the future of guitar. The Player Plus collection puts the power of music and guitar in their hands, combining unbridled style and precise playability. In celebration of these legacy-driven instruments, Fender recently hosted a panel discussion surrounding the use of TikTok and its influence on how we create, consume and discover new music. Panelists shared perspectives on TikTok’s phenomenal impact on music discovery, including the positive growth for emerging artists, the powerful #GuitarTok community, and the integral role Player Plus guitars play as tools for rising artists and guitarists in achieving notoriety on the app.

Watch the full “The GuitarTok Effect” panel video HERE


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