Following Grammy Win, Lisa Loeb Returns With Her Most Personal Album Yet, A Simple Trick To Happiness, Feb. 7, 2020


(LOS ANGELES) – DEC. 4, 2019 – For the entirety of her nearly three-decade-long career, globally acclaimed singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb has been exploring a variety of styles of music, moving seamlessly between creating family-friendly albums, including her 2018 Grammy-winning Feel What U Feel, and adult-focused studio albums like Tails, Firecracker, and The Way It Really Is.

It is her latest release, her fifteenth record to date, A Simple Trick To Happiness, that finds Loeb putting forth her most poignant and profoundly personal album in an exceptional body of work.

Loeb is empowering listeners through 11 exquisitely crafted tracks filled with new stories and inspiring messages of rich daily insight for living one’s best life.


As she explains, “There are a lot of things we can do with mindfulness and intent, to try to find our own versions of happiness.”

She adds, “There are things we can focus on to help us live a more fulfilling and aware life, and I hope some of these songs provide a spark.”

Produced by Loeb and co-writer Rich Jacques, A Simple Trick To Happiness marks Loeb’s first adult-focused original studio album since her 2013 release No Fairy Tale.

As she has done throughout her history-making career, since releasing the first song ever by an unsigned artist to ever go to No. 1 with 1994’s ‘Stay (I Missed You),’ the prolific musical artist once again tackles universal themes both relevant to her personal life, as well as those that nearly everyone can relate to.

A Simple Trick To Happiness segues between solemn piano-driven ballads like ‘Most Of All’ and ‘I Wanna Go First,’ ‘60s-inspired psychedelic sunshine pop on tracks like ‘This Is My Life,’ and pop anthems such as ‘Sing Out.’

The album is a snapshot that examines Loeb’s life as a mother, wife, artist and businesswoman, seeking to achieve that rare balance between personal fulfillment and purpose.

A Simple Trick To Happiness is set for release on February 7, 2020 through Furious Rose.

The tracklist for Lisa Loeb’s A Simple Trick To Happiness is below:

1.    Doesn’t It Feel Good (feat. Michelle Branch)
2.    Skeleton
3.    Another Day
4.    This Is My Life
5.    For The Birch
6.    Most of All
7.    Shine
8.    Sing Out
9.    I Wanna Go First
10.  The Upside
11.  Wonder

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