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“Hollywood Blvd” ALBUM by Beck Black ⚡️⚡️⚡️

The time has come for a new sound to emerge through the watered-down candy pop verses clouded with a silver lining of plastic noise. Beck Black’s new album “Hollywood Blvd” captures the enigmatic journey of sonic characters personified by a plethora of multi-genre versions of Rock n Roll.

Each song is a sonic testimony to a new era with the title track “Hollywood Blvd”, a love letter to LA. The lyrics paint gritty glam images of both Hollywood and Rock music like graffiti written on the walls. The tides turn on track 2 with the song “Puppet Show”. Whispers of Kate Bush can be heard in this track with synth reminiscent of “the Cure”. As the album progresses into a New Wave universe, “She’s A Ok” sizzles with electricity taking you from the hustle and bustle of the city streets to the melodic, sometimes melancholy mystique of the desert.

Beck Black writes with an ergonomic intensity based upon real-life experiences. “Dirty Lil Angel’ finds us in the desert and transforms us to the sea with a Nirvana-esc alternative emotional edge.

Guitar licks from the hands of Mo Matatquin swell around the sonic tides splashed by the instinctually tribal percussion of world touring drummer, Adam Alt. Together, with Black’s bass guitar and multi-layered synths, the trio swings to new heights. Ms. Black’s vocals carry a nostalgic sense with the air of futurity. With the song “Transmission”, Siousxie Sioux and the era of Post Punk come to a flashy fruition.

Lastly, “Life’s a Circus”, billows with classical harpsichord melodies. The sound is sculptured by a mosaic Mozart like waltz dancing around metallic psychedelic undertones in unison.

“Life’s a Circus” was written by Beck Black when she moved in with friend, Adam Alt, leading to the musical pair becoming bandmates. The album’s
journey ends on a high note with the lyrics “stand up for the applause that is at the end.”

“Hollywood Blvd” will take you on a journey through the eyes of Beck Black whilst living in the historic Whitely Heights of Hollywood. During that time, inspiration sprung forth by the frenetic star-clad concrete paradise of Hollywood Blvd. A new dawn is upon us. See where this album takes you and decide for yourself…


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