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JACQUELINE LOOR unveils the video, “SHOW THEM,” the title track from her recently released debut album

(New York, NY) Cinematic pop artist, Jacqueline Loor, has unveiled the video for the title track of her debut album, Show Them. With unfiltered emotion and relatable themes aimed at empowering people – especially those identifying as female – to take control of their destinies, Show Them was released in October, after a string of singles (both in English and Spanish).

Filmed in the Anaga Forest in Tenerife, Spain (where Loor and her family reside), the “Show Them” video uplifts and inspires, as Loor dances surrounded by her two daughters and some of their closest friends. “Seeing how their eyes lit up knowing everything and anything is possible meant everything to me,” she says.

Anaga holds a special place in Loor’s heart. “This island is where all the noise stopped and I realized I needed to pursue my passion of becoming a singer as well as a songwriter.” After penning songs for years, she only started singing about four years ago, and released her first album at the age of 40. “I just started doing this at 36 – people think it’s too late, and that’s bullst!” she laughs. “I want people to realize I’m not a one-trick pony. I have this depth of storytelling as a songwriter, but I’m also a vocalist with a powerful range: I’m really proud of how I was brave enough to hone in those skills.”

Show Them also focuses on another form of empowerment, telling the (often difficult) tale of surviving and escaping a toxic relationship. Loor was driven to write the album while watching her identical twin sister continue a harmful cycle with a partner. Through her music, Loor hopes to embolden her sister, and anyone else who listens, with the emotional tools to help them recognize and break out of unhealthy situations.

The universal messages of Jacqueline Loor’s music forever exist as a beacon for all who need them. “At the end of the day, it’s about helping other people who are going through hard times,” she says.

“I want this album to leave people inspired. I hope it helps give them clarity to see what’s going on, not pretend it’s something it’s not, and realize they have the strength to get out of it… and at the end of it, know they’re amazing just the way they are.”



1. Coming Undone
2. Just A Memory
3. Don’t You Pretend
4. I’m Done With You
5. Burn It Down
6. Just Let Me Breathe (feat. Will Evans)
7. Coming Undone (Semblance Remix)
8. Find Your Way
9. I’ll Take It
10. Show Them
11. I Can Fly
12. I Broke My Heart
13. Carry Through (feat. Sunflower Summit)
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