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Jessie Ware-esque Jazz-infused Indie-pop New EP

London based singer-songwriter and performer, Lucy Wroe has been developing her sound as a musician since the age of 10, when she first learnt how to play the guitar. Blossoming with poised vocals, groovy drum rhythm and whimsical charm, Wroe’s naturally laid-back sound is best described as jazz-infused indie-pop.

Following her debut release in 2020, Wroe’s songwriting has really taken shape, by combining the melodic work from early female songwriters and the modern jazz and electronic production of Lianne La Havas and Jessie Ware; painting in new colours to establish her exclusive sound.

Backed by a drummer, bassist and guitarist, the Winchester born artist explores the passion of a new relationship, the complexity of commitment and how this drives us towards self-reflection. The new EP Same World represents a whole relationship. The title track “Same World” explores the passionate, physical beginnings, where a relationship is just skin deep. “Far Too High” becomes a complete emotional investment, almost an obsession. By “Closer To Home”, there is hesitancy, and a slow realisation that you’ve become a different person in order to be with another. Finally we reach a moment of self-reflection in “Want You Back”, where it becomes clear that the partnership was only ever going to be physical and temporary.

Wroe expresses, “Since I can remember, I’ve had this strange yearning really deep inside me like a well that I can’t fill, and over the years I’ve just pushed it further down. It regularly surfaces through my lyrics which is why this EP has focused on making a very special and deep connection, then realising that it just isn’t what you need”.

Despite numerous lockdowns, Wroe has felt a spark of productivity over the last few years, with 2022 seeing her continue to flourish as the world reopens.

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