Katie Pruitt Releases Video for “Normal”


Adolescence can be one of the most complicated and confusing times in a person’s life. For young people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, that time can feel even more challenging. Katie Pruitt’s “Normal,” which appears on her acclaimed debut album Expectations, beautifully and succinctly gives voice to that youthful longing and confusion:

“Wasted and worn out and wonderin’, “Where do I fit?”
And scared as hell ’cause I knew I was different
What’s it like to be normal?
To want what normal girls should?
God knows life would be easier
If I could be normal, then trust me, I would
Trust me, I would.”

The video for “Normal” is available today. The clip, in which present-day footage of Pruitt is interwoven with excerpts of home movies from Pruitt’s childhood that were generously provided by her family, was shot by Bella Mazzola and Andy Pollitt and edited by Ryan Pawlak.


“‘Normal’ was always a concept I fought against,” Pruitt reflects. “I hated dresses, played with action figures instead of Barbies, I even cut my hair short. Kids aren’t afraid to be themselves, which is something we lose sight of as adults. We all feel this pressure to conform when the truth is…there is no mold we need to fit, no script we have to read from, & no such thing as ‘normal.'”

Pruitt’s debut album Expectations has inspired tremendous critical praise. NPR Music’s Stephen Thompson wrote, “Expectations isn’t just an album of clear-eyed coming-of-age songs about growing up gay in suburban Atlanta…It’s also music performed with remarkable patience, as Pruitt’s languid, shimmery songs unfurl gracefully and with expert care.”

Writing in Pitchfork, Sam Sodomsky noted, “her music summons a community: bursting with drama, flourished with strings and organs, gathering to emotional crescendos that seem designed to draw a crowd…Her songs are patient but determined, navigating serious subjects with quiet familiarity.”

And as Joseph Hudak observed in Rolling Stone, “Still, Pruitt’s sexuality is just one part of her artistry. What makes Expectations such an engaging listen is its universal quality: It addresses themes relevant to everyone, and leaves you feeling inspired and comforted. Its core message is that you are not defined by any one thing.”

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GGM Staff