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Level 77 Music Expands its Production Music Library with Acquisition of Kool Kat Catalogue

Atlanta, Georgia, Nov. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Production music library ​​Level 77 Music has acquired an external catalogue of music from Kool Kat Music, LLC., with the set to be available on December 1st. The addition will serve as a large expansion of Level 77 Music’s production music library and include all-new genres of instrumental and vocal music for use in creative projects such as films, television, advertising, radio spots, mobile apps, corporate use, or social media.

The newly acquired tracks will be available on Level 77 Music’s website and will be featured under a special categorization titled “The Vault,” catering to traditional production music and specialty genres that are often difficult to source. Adding to Level 77 Music’s extensive library of genres such as EDM, hip-hop, R&B, and rock in the VIVE label and top-shelf advertising music in the Prestige label – “The Vault” will include all-new options for users seeking jazz, orchestral, cinematic, atmospheric, and other non-vocal tracks to enhance creative works.

Already boasting a catalogue of more than 90 albums, with more than 1000 individual songs – the addition of “The Vault” will feature an additional 123 albums and 2000 new songs, more than doubling the existing Level 77 Music library.

“Even prior to this acquisition, Level 77 Music has worked to cultivate one of the largest and most diverse libraries of high-quality production music currently available,” said Level 77 Music Founder and CEO Patrick Avard. “This acquisition is a perfect fit for our expanding library and shows our commitment to continued growth. The addition of these incredible albums will allow us to offer even more options for traditional production music, including unique genres and styles that are extremely difficult to find in many other music libraries.”

First launched by Patrick Avard in 2016, Level 77 Music was designed to help users tell their stories through the high-impact work that has earned many of its contributing artists, producers, and composers recognition in mainstream music and entertainment circles.

A pioneering music producer, Patrick Avard’s music has been featured on Netflix’s CheerAmerica’s Got Talent, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Level 77 Music’s Executive Producer Jason Rudd recently received the Mark Award for “Best Country Track” at the 2021 Performance Marketing Awards – and other producers have been featured in numerous television projects, including Fox Sports, ESPN, ABC, and more.

Learn more about Level 77 Music by visiting the official site, here.

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