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Listen: WILDWOOD releases new single “Hourglass”

Nashville singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist WILDWOOD released her fourth single, “Hourglass,” today. on September 21, 2018. Produced by Brandon Metcalf, WILDWOOD plays all the live instruments on the recording including the violin, viola, and piano.

“I wrote ‘Hourglass’ after midnight one night in my studio apartment in downtown Nashville. The lyrics, melody, and chords just flooded out in a few hours. What I love most about this song is how we built out a track from the original piano and vocal performances I recorded that night, so it’s full of emotion.”

“Hourglass” is genre-defying, just like WILDWOOD herself: a mix of Americana & pop, sweet & somber. With lines like, “Some things aren’t meant to last / only be memories in the past,” this song is sure to make listeners stop in their tracks & reflect.

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