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WILDWOOD’s new single, “Shattered,” isn’t your typical heartbreak song. Its melancholy lyrics defy its upbeat melody and production. WILDWOOD – who wrote the song and co-produced it with Brandon Metcalf – created this unusual juxtaposition on purpose. While the lyrics tell a sad story, the music is angsty and upbeat and makes you realize the person going through this life-shattering heartbreak is going to be ok. Different – and never again the same – but ok.

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“I wrote “Shattered” by myself one night on piano, well after midnight. It came quickly, in about 45 minutes. The story is of a heart that has been broken and now has permanent scars, but it’s empowering rather than tragic because she is owning her new normal. For the person whose heart has been broken by a lover, a friend, or a dream that didn’t pan out, this is your anthem. You may never be the same, but you’re going to be ok. The last note of the song hints at a future that’s strong and full of hope.”

“My favorite part of bringing this song to life was the production process. We first turned the keyboard part into an accordion. Then, I added violin lines that make you feel like you’re walking past a street musician in Montmartre. Having spent a year of my life living in Paris as a student, I loved bringing in elements from French culture, from the accordion sounds and violin style to the album artwork, which is a photograph of me in the Latin Quarter. The song is full of musical surprises that unfold with each new section. Layer by layer, we transformed a simple little piano ballad into a work of art that features the most eclectic combination of instruments I’ve ever heard.”

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