Lydia Luce releases new song “Occasionally”


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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lydia Luce released her the track, “Occasionally” from her upcoming album Dark River due out February 26, 2021. The Nashville artist worked with producer Jordan Lehining to create eleven songs showcasing “her indie rock and orchestral influences, with spellbinding strings, warm guitar tones, and hypnotic vocals that share heart-rending stories of Luce’s growth in the past year.”



Press Release

Co-written with Jordan Lehining, Luce’s arresting vocals take center stage on “Occasionally,” shining bright against an understated arrangement of orchestral strings and gentle acoustic guitars. The song took on new meaning to Luce after the devastating March tornado that hit Nashville earlier this year and ripped through Luce’s home. Luce stated, “My roommate and I were home at the time of the storm and were running down the stairs as it passed over the house. My room had wooden pilings fly through the walls and right across from where I would have been in my bed. Our whole city suffered from this storm, especially North and East Nashville. I am fortunate to have good insurance and friends that let me stay with them while we were out of the house. Some folks will never return to their homes and some forced to leave Nashville for good.”

Luce also explained, “I helped organize a tornado relief benefit show the week of the storm, and I chose to play this song during the concert. I was experiencing severe panic attacks that week. This song transformed into a song about anxiety and how it can come on unexpectedly and linger in your thoughts and body no matter how desperately you attempt to shake it off.” 

Luce grew up in a strict musical household where her mother was a professional conductor for the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra and learning the violin was not presented as a choice. A virtuoso from six years old, she excelled in numerous philharmonics. She obtained her master’s at UCLA in the viola but knew her path was not that of a professional classical musician. Explaining, Luce says, “I am grateful for my classical upbringing and that I’ve gotten to absorb a diverse education in music. Ultimately it all brought me to this space of getting to create from experiences that are only mine.” 

Dark River follows her debut solo album Azalea, released in 2018, an accomplished release, which drew praise from publications from Popmatters to American Songwriter, establishing her as a notable emerging talent in Nashville and beyond. Luce also leads Lockeland Strings, a community arts organization that puts on monthly showcases of local artists accompanied by string quartet arrangements, alongside performances of new contemporary classical pieces from local composers. It partners with a new nonprofit each month to give a platform to organizations including the ACLU of Tennessee, Girls Write Nashville, and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. For more information, please visit:

Dark River tracklist:

  1. Occasionally
  2. Dark River
  3. Tangled Love
  4. Something To Say
  5. Never Been Good
  6. Maybe In Time
  7. Leave Me Empty
  8. Somehow 
  9. All The Time
  10. Stones
  11. Just The Same

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