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Music Premiere: Chrissi Poland’s new heartfelt EP ‘Destination Home’

Today, we’re pleased to premiere the new EP, Destination Homefrom singer-songwriter and drummer Chrissi Poland—our first percussionist to feature! The five-song EP “highlights the universal ups and downs of parenting while striving to achieve one’s dream.” The New York City-based artist is currently touring with GRAMMY Award-winning musician Michael Bolton and a new mom to a two-year-old baby girl.

“When I began to write the songs for what would become Destination Home, I was a new mother and had just come off of my first tour since my daughter had been born. After growing and carrying this little human, suddenly she was out in the world, and then a handful of months later, I was out in the world, without her. What an unsettling, strange and often at times debilitating feeling, to suddenly be away from her for stretches of time. And so goes the plight of every working mother around the world, no matter what field of work.” Poland continues, “I remember being on a plane with tears streaming down my face as I wrote the words to ‘Destination Home,’ grappling with feelings of guilt and anxiety, of general unease.”

You’re releasing a new EP today. Tell us about the inspiration behind Destination Home.
When I was writing the songs that would become Destination Home, I was a very new mother and just back to touring. My daughter was just three months old and I was trying desperately to balance this new frontier with the career I’ve been building for years. Ultimately I feel like Destination Home marks a moment of time in my life where the two things I love so deeply -music and my daughter- collided for the first time, and the songs on this record are the expressions of how I made sense of it all.
What was the writing and recording process for the new EP?
I would write whenever I had some downtime, like on a flight or when my daughter was asleep on me. Just sitting with my feelings during that time, the lyrics and melodies came to me quickly and I’d often just sing the ideas into my voice memo app. I’d flesh out the ideas on the piano and made the demos in my home studio. When it was time to record I teamed up with my dear friend Stu Mindeman, who produced, arranged and played on the record. We tracked our first few sessions in Chicago with a crew of all-star musicians and wrapped up production from our home studios after Covid hit.
Is there a particular song or lyric that speaks to you?
They truly all have a deeply personal meaning for me, but if I had to choose- the lyrics to Sleepy Girl hit me so hard, I still can’t sing it without choking up. It’s the song I wrote the fastest, it took about 30 minutes to compose. It’s just the utterly raw truth of my heart wrapped up in a lullaby for my daughter. In addition to that, “Destination Home” the song sums up exactly how I feel every time I hit the road now: “Blue above, white below / Off again, time to go / But how I feel depends on where I’m headed…”
You’re currently on tour with Michael Bolton. How has that experience been?
It’s been fantastic and really a thrill to sing duets with the man himself. I mean, my sister and I used to belt out his songs when we were little kids, when he was ruling the ’90s. He still sounds incredible and it’s always a trip to stand on that stage and sing those songs. Once in a while, I catch myself drifting back to those childhood memories while we are in the middle of a duet and being so aware of my past meeting my present. It never ceases to fill my heart with joy and gratitude.
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Bio courtesy of artist:
Singer, songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, Poland weaves together the sounds of soul, blues, jazz and pop to create a uniqueness that has elevated her as an artist and linked her with some of the best in the business. A touring member of Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame legend Sam Moore’s band (Sam & Dave) from 2008-2012, Poland also appeared on stage with Bette Midler continuing to exhibit her vast versatility as a performer. Poland’s original songs have appeared on the HBO, NBC, Bravo networks, as well as Netflix. Her song “Possible” has been featured in a Bare Minerals TV campaign throughout the UK as well as in Season 2 of Bravo’s hit show Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce. She has toured with and opened for a wide range of artists, including the Grammy-winning Blood, Sweat & Tears, Marc Cohn, and Suzanne Vega. Currently, Poland splits her time between touring with Grammy-winning soul singer Michael Bolton as his duet partner and writing/recording/producing from her home studio. With four solo albums, three EPs and a slew of singles released, Poland will be releasing her latest EP Destination Home this November.
Destination Home Tracklist

1.      Destination Home

2.     Wanna Be You

3.     Sleepy Girl

4.     Slip Slidin’ Away

5.     Missing You

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