Music Premiere: Country singer-songwriter Brenda Cay’s official lyric video for latest single “Talk About Nothing”

Photo by Dustin LaFleur
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Country singer-songwriter Brenda Cay releases her official lyric video for her latest single “Talk About Nothing” and we’re pleased to premiere it here today.

“This song is about being in love and being completely happy, even doing the mundane everyday things in life.”

Brenda Cay’s newest lyric video for her song “Talk About Nothing” allows you to follow along with her charming lyrics while seeing true love in all different forms. With Cay’s lyrics that speak about how simple things like cheering on their favorite football team or cuddling up on the couch are love in her eyes, we get to see this perspective through many different couples. The video is filled with short clips of couples of all ages, races, and demographics showing honest intimacy. Through Cay’s video for “Talk About Nothing,” we’re reminded that whether we’re gazing into our partner’s eyes, doing something you love together, or just laughing, love has many forms and is more simple than we often think.

Tell us about the making of the video.

We decided to do a transitional lyric video for this song because we felt like it was the best way to tell the story. This song is for everyone who has been in love and we wanted to have a variety of couples in the video. The scenes in the video really represent the lyrics well, but also capture the emotion and the meaning of the song.

What was the writing and recording process for the new single?

I started out with a lyric idea and then sat down with my guitar and came up with the groove and the melody. I got some feedback on the song from a couple of trusted mentors and then I made some lyric changes. After playing through it probably a hundred times, I decided to record it so I sat down with my co-producer, Brian Brewer, and we bounced some ideas around. The recording process went very smoothly. The session players played through the song a couple of times to make sure everything felt right and then recorded the track. Brian went back and did overdubs with electric guitar and Kristin Smith produced my vocals at her studio in Nashville.

Is there a particular lyric that speaks to you?

The line that speaks to me is, “Baby, what’s for lunch?” That was the line that sparked the song idea because my husband and I have that same conversation every day. It’s something we laugh about because it’s such a simple thing and yet sometimes it’s so hard to make a decision.

What’s your secret to a happy relationship?

Acceptance! Differences are what make us interesting and yet our differences create challenges in the relationship. Maybe I just got lucky, but I love my husband for his differences. He makes me laugh and he makes life fun!

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