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Music Premiere: Elise Lieberth releases new single, “Not Sure of Anything”

Colorado native, Elise Lieberth, is releasing a new single, “Not Sure of Anything,” an emotional piano ballad that fits the current mood. The song is from her third album, Invincible, which is available exclusively on her website:

Lieberth wrote this song about a love that withered away and caused her to question everything else in her life. It’s a strong reminder of how, in times of struggle, we manage to survive and come out stronger at the end of it. She tells us, “When you realize all trust has been broken in your relationship and you find yourself questioning everyone and everything, you’re not sure of anything, anymore. That’s what ‘Not Sure of Anything’ is about. Confusion, fear, pain, and realization that everything you once believed in, was not at all what it seemed. Trust is a hard thing to regain, and eventually, all the lies you’ve been told are enough to break you. It’s an emotional song that stems from a personal experience that, unfortunately, is far too common. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, I love a good sad song, and I could see myself breaking down and crying to this song years ago when everything was fresh.

Lieberth has garnered over 10 million Spotify streams and over 3 million YouTube views and has survived a tremendous amount of trauma in her youth. Yet, she managed to come out victorious as a mom, musician, and entrepreneur.

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