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Music Premiere: KAYE’s New Single “Earthrise” from upcoming album ‘Conscious Control’ due out November 20

KAYE announced her new album today, Conscious Control, scheduled to drop on November 20, and we are pleased to premiere the Official Music Video for the lead single and album opener “Earthrise.”

KAYE tells us:

“Earthrise” is an origin story that introduces the record. In the span of a couple weeks, I had left a long-term relationship, I had left San Fermin, and I left New York thinking I was going to move to LA. It felt like I had blown up my life for no reason, even though at my core I knew it was necessary for my own growth. I felt like I was floating in space, looking at the wreckage from afar, grieving intensely but also excited about what was next. “Earthrise” sets up a lot of key themes of the album—change through loss, uncomfortable self-confrontation, and trusting my dreams and intuition over logic, even if it makes no sense at the time.

For fans familiar with KAYE’s previous work with bright colors and dancing, this music video is quite different in that the video features KAYE by herself amidst a black backdrop which is said to represent “all she has given up, and paves the way for new life ahead to begin” while spinning around and around singing in a vulnerable, raw and emotional performance. In a recent press release, KAYE spoke about directing the video which was filmed in Brooklyn this summer, “I knew that the most vulnerable thing to do was just to tell the story with nothing else around me. Toward the end of the first take, I started crying while singing the last chorus, unplanned. Everyone was like—well, we don’t need another one. That was the only take we did.”

KAYE is the music moniker for Charlene Kaye. She released her first EP, Honey, in 2016 as a solo artist. Outside of her solo career, KAYE played in the all-girl Guns N’ Roses cover band, Guns N’ Hoses, shredding as Slash, as well as five years as the lead singer for San Fermin.

She left San Fermin in 2019 to return to her solo career working with guitarist and producer Kirk Schoenherr (Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker) in co-producing Conscious Control. “I have never shared more of myself in a record,” says Kaye. “It forced me to come to terms with my own thorniness and complexity as a woman—the knowledge that I am capable of harm, making mistakes, and loving myself regardless.”

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