Music Premiere: Stellar Family Band, Kopper and Kash, Release New Country Single “True Believer”

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Dynamic family band Kopper and Kash’s new single release “True Believer” is a song that showcases the true power and intent that can be hidden behind lyrics. The song emphasizes the importance of love, and how meaningful it can be within a relationship. Lyrics such as “I need a true believer/Keeper of my heart/Even when it’s hard,” provide valuable meaning to the idea of love; it is something that should be constantly present in a valued relationship, through thick and thin, and be able to emerge on the other side stronger of turmoil than it had entered. 

You can listen to the single exclusively a day before release with Guitar Girl Magazine here:

When it feels like no one is believing in you, God is always believing in you.” – Ava Pennycoff (Kopper and Kash)

The country trio Kopper and Kash is composed of dad (Jeff Pennycoff) and two redheaded daughters with spectacular talents like their father, Mia (bass) and Ava (guitar) Pennycoff. The two girls started playing music at the ripe age of 9 and 10, singing in a worship band. Mia (17) has been playing the bass for two years, and her younger sister Ava (16) has been playing the guitar for three years now. Ava says her favorite part about playing in a band with her sister, “Well, people always say you can’t beat family harmonies, and there’s nothing better than playing music with your built-in best friend.” Kopper and Kash then formed in 2020. 

The family band uses music as their artistic outlet. Music gives them new hope and a new focus, in the most difficult points in their lives. The band states their mission: “We are hoping to encourage people that love and family are still very real in this world. That even in hard times, you can find support. Music is helping us in the healing process, and we are hoping to share that love and motivation.”

Listeners can keep up with Kopper and Kash’s newest endeavors through their website, as well as on their Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Tiktok, and Instagram pages.

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