GABRIELLE GRACE Releases New Single “Draw The Line”

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January 20, 2022 – Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Grace is thrilled to release her new “Draw The Line” that is out now.

Gabrielle says “More than likely we have all felt the guilt from missing a phone call from a family member or a loved one. ‘Draw the Line’ captures an honest self-reflection and the recognition that pride can too easily get in the way of important relationships.”

Born in small-town, southeast Texas and based in Nashville, Tennessee, Gabrielle Grace is a singer/songwriter whose folk-pop melodies command your attention while her lyrics make you honestly wrestle with a rollercoaster of emotions, but never leave you without at least an ounce of hope.  Grace made her musical debut in 2021 with her 6-song EP, “We’ll be Alright,” that eventually made its way to #16 on iTunes’ singer/songwriter charts.  Then, in May 2022, Grace released a standalone single “Lost Somebody Else” that grapples with the nuances of life and loss while beckoning you to keep dancing through it all with its shiny indie-pop vibe.  After writing new music to process through some life-altering experiences, months of work in the studio, and the backing of wonderful supporters Gabrielle Grace is poised to release her debut full-length album in the coming months.  Its songs are certain to take you on a journey of the depths of pain and heights of joy that Grace has felt over recent months; she hopes that as it releases it will find a place in the complex parts of her listeners’ stories as well.

“Draw The Line” is out everywhere at


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