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Music Video Premiere: Allie Dunn is as good as gone when it feels right in new single “Good As Gone”

Rising singer-songwriter Allie Dunn has made her way to Nashville from New York City to follow her passion for a music career, leaving behind her college studies in pre-med. Releasing her debut EP Good As Gone on October 15 via Porter Rose Records, we’re pleased to premiere the title track today highlighting Dunn’s storytelling abilities amid a pop-country feel-good sound. Dunn shows she’s ready for prime time with the radio-ready tune “Good As Gone.”

Tell us about the inspiration for your latest single, “Good As Gone,” the title track to your upcoming EP Good As Gone.

Well, I wrote this with two of my friends Ashley Cooke and Kyle Sturrock and we originally wrote this for Ashley but I immediately fell in love with it. We all kind of vented about having a period in our life where we just could not accept anything good for us. For me, it was running away from any man in college who I could see a white picket fence/401K/three kids in a Christmas card future with. So the inspiration for Good As Gone came from that time.

Who/what were some influences when it came to writing the song?

Honestly, we didn’t have any influences when writing this which is what made it so special to me. We just wrote what our hearts wanted to say and I think that was a beautiful thing. Production wise, we had major Eagles/Tom Petty influences.

Is there a particular lyric that speaks to you?

I think it has to be “I’m a nomad, know that, no man’s ever understood me” mainly because of the internal rhymes and it scratching my melody itch but also because it was a truth that I know most people including myself are/were scared to face.  

Can you share with us more about the upcoming EP and what fans can expect?

This EP is sort of like a welcome sign into my artist world. There are four songs on it and I think each person can find a home in at least one. All in all, I think it sheds light on my kind of songwriting, my experiences with love, and how much I miss New York City (home).

Will you be touring in support of the new album?

We are working on getting shows together, so definitely subscribe to my email to stay up to date on that! Woohoo!

Good As Gone Tracklist

  1. Needs Somebody
  2. Good As Gone
  3. Tom Petty
  4. Do You Miss Me (NYC)


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