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New Catalinbread Overdrive Release Today

We are proud to announce the Tribute, an all-gain parametric overdrive built for every guitarist. Available now!

The Tribute is an all-analog circuit that combines an extremely expressive high-headroom drive engine with an obscenely powerful and flexible tone control. The back end of the Tribute pays—ahem—homage to one of our oldest designs, the VariOboost. This circuit gives you a supercharged one-band parametric EQ in lieu of a tone control for some serious studio-esque tone sculpting power. Playing rhythm? Dial in a low-mids grunt and boost that band for some fat chords. Playing leads? Flip that thing and inject some sparkle into your sound. Want to fake a cocked wah pedal to nail your cover of “Money for Nothing”? Want to simulate some Peter Green-esque out-of-phase pickups? Want your single-coils to sound like humbuckers? What about the other way around? Sure, why not? Want all of that and more? It’s time to play Tribute.

For more information and demo videos please visit
The Tribute is out now and available for $179.99 at participating retailers and

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