Bailey James Pays Tribute To Her Late Brother In Her New Single “The Crow”

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April 13th, 2022 (Nashville, TN) – Rising star Bailey James puts her vocal, lyrical, and instrumental prowess on full display with her latest single “The Crow.” She breathes a new and unique sound in all of her music, but this track especially displays her ability to create a mood with sound. “The Crow” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.
“My brother had an affinity for crows. My dad now has a tattoo of a crow that my brother had intended to get. Now when I see a crow, I know he is with me as they come when I need help or focus.” – Bailey James

This haunting track opens quietly, with a few synth chords that build to the track’s drum and guitar backbone. James’ vocals pitch and keen in a way that envelopes the track in its own chilling ambiance, never feeling too excessive. It’s spectacular how James’ voice is able to meld seamlessly with rock-inspired riffs. Each verse builds to a high-drive chorus, the final one ending on a short but captivating stint that’s just guitar.

The most thought-provoking lyrics in this song, full of solid ones, are the final two: “I had a dream I was woken up from a nightmare/and never fell back asleep so maybe I’m right there.” This dream-within-a-dream wordsmithing has the listener guessing if this whole song is a depiction of a dreamscape of the aftermath of a nightmare James was privy to, but the true meaning is to honor her brother. It’s a clever, thought-provoking, and nostalgic note to end this evocative song.

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