New Music Platform Trac Is the Answer to Kanye West and Others, Giving Power Back to Recording Artists

The new company is the first music platform to offer recording artists free unlimited music distribution and marketing services typically associated with record labels.


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14, 2020,/PRNewswire/ — Trac, a new music platform, has officially launched to the general public. Trac is the first music technology platform to provide independent artists with free unlimited music distribution and artist webpage marketing services, without taking a percentage of the artists’ revenue. The music startup is challenging independent artists to sign themselves instead of signing a stringent record label contract that binds them into multi-year recoupment obligations and prohibits them from owning their masters. In its first week, the Black-owned business saw website visits from indie artists in 74 countries.

“I started Trac because I believe we need to re-imagine the entire music ecosystem. I want to make things easier for independent artists who dream of a legitimate career in the music industry. It’s due time that we flip the music industry right-side up,” said Cardin Campbell, CEO and Founder of Trac Technologies, Inc.

In September of 2020, music billionaire superstar Kanye West argued that record label contracts didn’t sit well with him anymore. In a series of tweets, he said, “We’re going to move the entire music industry into the 21st Century. We’re going to transparently change every album deal every publishing deal every merch deal every touring deal.” Several industry experts agreed with Kanye, including Rolling Stone author Tim Ingham, who provided three reasons why Kanye West’s war against record contracts could actually work.


81% of independent artists say that signing to a record label is no longer as important as it used to be.* “Just as Napster disrupted the music business at the turn of the century, it’s time that we democratize the music business for recording artists, once and truly for all,” said Campbell.

59% of independent artists say that they would rather manage their own rights and use a distributor in order to maintain creative control.*

With Trac, artists get all of the major record label services, but without the handcuffs or headaches. Services fall into three main categories:

The Marketing Services provide:

  • Music Distribution: Getting music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok and all of the other music streaming services.
  • Artist Profiles: Low maintenance artist websites that are automatically built and maintained for artists, so they can focus on making music.
  • Fan Relationship Management: Tools that bring artists and fans closer together.

The Financial Services provide:

  • Automated Payouts: The ability to split song ownership with collaborators and automate payouts to everyone.
  • Timed Agreements: Artists can split ownership for a specific period of time.

The Analytics Services provide:

  • Performance Insights: A historical view of all streams, money earned and fan demographics.
  • Predictive Analytics: Predictions of what future streams & earnings will be and provide optimization recommendations for how to improve.

“Trac is the only platform that gives artists’ 100% of their streaming revenues and addresses the needs of today’s independent artists,” said Campbell. The platform currently offers a Beginner Plan, Growth Plan and Pro Plan, each providing different levels of services based on where an artist may be in their journey.

To sign up for Trac visit:

*MIDiA/Amuse 2019

About Trac

Trac is the music platform of choice for independent music artists. Founded in Los Angeles in 2020, Trac is at the forefront of the music revolution, providing independent artists with distribution, marketing and analytics services that they need to make their dreams a reality. The company is challenging independent artists to “Sign Yourself. Be Your Own Label.” and leave the traditional music system behind. Learn more at

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