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OUT NOW: Sidney Bird Pays Homage To Her Parents In

Brooklyn, NY-  Sidney Bird is a southwestern darling making a name for herself in New York City. Born and raised in Arizona, Bird holds her own in the western pop scene, alongside artists like Kacey Musgraves and Leon Bridges. A true crossover act, she feels a strong creative impulse when home in Arizona, writing all of her songs there before fleshing them out with producers in Brooklyn. “I grew up listening to Barenaked Ladies, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell,” says Bird. “Then became obsessed with Katy Perry, Britney Spears––all the popstars.”

Bird’s background in comedy and musical theater fuels a deep love for world-building and storytelling: “Sometimes I feel like I’m playing characters through my music, using them as a vehicle to express honest and genuine feelings.” Her 2020 debut album “Bad Timing,” featuring singles like “Kisses” and “Wild,” has garnered over 1.7 million combined streams to date. In 2021, Bird followed up with her EP “Big Heart,” debuting the project live at Rockwood Music Hall at the end of the year. With a wealth of music ready for release and a dedicated community of listeners, Bird is well-positioned to make 2022 her year.

Sidney is super excited to share her new single “Renaissance Man”, that is out now!

Here’s what she had to say about it: “I wrote ‘Renaissance Man’ after reflecting long and hard about my childhood and how my parents raised me. I feel so grateful that I have such amazing and supportive parents, and I aspire to be like them one day. Although I am not looking to have kids anytime soon, this song is about the children I wish to have one day, and a thank you letter to my wonderful parents”.


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