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“One of the most eclectic of New York’s elite singers.” – New York Music Daily
“Unique and impressive..her voice is fresh, melodic and evocative…” -Beledi Beat

Listen to “Mirror” Here

(New York, NY) World Chamber Pop performer-composer Shelley Thomas is set to release her new single, “Mirror” on August 28th, 2020. “Mirror” explores duality and shadow psychology in the quest for integration of the true self, interlacing diverse threads of culture through sounds of oud, qanun, piano, drums, bass, violin, and cello from a ten piece microtonal chamber ensemble. The self-produced track was recorded by Jesse Selleck and Eric Oulundsen at Banyan Studios.

Shelley Thomas blends elements of Balkan, Arabic, Hindustani, West African, Pop-Soul and Classical styles with cinematic arrangements and emotive power to create a new genre called World Chamber Pop. Having studied and performed World Music and voice in over fifteen languages for the last sixteen years, Shelley Thomas is no stranger to the arts.

Be sure to check out “Mirror”, available on all streaming platforms August 28th! In addition, Shelley Thomas is currently running fundraiser, see more information here.

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