Pop Princess Gerle Releases Love Sick Anthem “Crush Gone Wrong”

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July 9th, 2021 (Nashville, TN) – Pop singer-songwriter Gerle releases new summer single “Crush Gone Wrong.” The single is now available on all streaming.

“Crush Gone Wrong” speaks entirely to these themes of heartbreak, truth, and love that Gerle frequently employs in her music. When an artist takes the bold leap to discuss topics such as love or fiery desire, only two outcomes can follow: The song either loses its charm in its mediocrity, doing nothing other than regurgitating a familiar story. If not, however, it reinvents the wheel entirely. So what about “Crush Gone Wrong” is so striking that it turns our expectations of finding love upside down? The answer isn’t so much in the question of who we love but instead focuses on how we love.

Gerle’s lyrics are packed with just as much social commentary as there is musicality. “Crush gone wrong / Wasn’t meant to last this long,” is a nod towards the modern dating culture witnessed over the last decade when Tinder and other dating apps first made their debut. Non-committed, undefined relationships spawn and flicker in the snap of a finger when two lovers establish interest but fall short of further intention or commitment. Gerle’s justification: “It’s too much trouble to fall in love,” and shortly she reminds us “this is not a love song” before diving back into the unforgettable leap of the main hook.

Gerle lyrically employs contrast between the verses and choruses that are stitched together seamlessly by her angelic voice. After her jaded view of love in the choruses, her verses immediately take a left turn, confusing us with her intensity towards her subject. As is with any Gerle song, the production is always top of the line, yet still chooses to serve the song itself before anything else. 2021 would be falling short of respecting Gerle if it didn’t admit that she revealed things about our own love quest we were too afraid to do on our own.

“Crush Gone Wrong”
Songwriters: Gerle and Tone Def
Production, mixing, and mastering: Tone Def

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