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Prompted by Afghanistan Crisis, EmiSunshine Drops ‘Meanwhile In America’

Even as the Taliban promise peace in Afghanistan, reports of torture, beatings and murders have been trickling out of the besieged country. Citizens, especially women and girls, are increasingly fearful of what the future will bring, now that the extremists who are known for their subjugation of women, are in control.

The crisis has prompted country and Americana recording artist EmiSunshine to release her song “Meanwhile In America” (Little Blackbird Records) to radio. In it, the Tennessee teen ponders what it means to be free, while so many others around the world endure poverty and persecution.

“Meanwhile in Afghanistan, a mother was stoned to death for teaching her little girl how to read,” Emi sings. “Big brother was a casualty, something called an IED, didn’t know his death was buried in the sand… It gets me thinking, every time I turn on the news, how blessed I am, simply walking in my shoes.”

“Meanwhile In America” was produced by 4-time Grammy winner Tony Brown for EmiSunshine’s critically acclaimed Family Wars album in 2019 but was not released as a single, until now. Emi wrote the song with her mother, Alisha Hamilton, and Nashville-based songwriters Kyle Jacobs and Vicky McGehee, who was named BMI Songwriter of the Year in 2006. “Meanwhile In America” was inspired by Jacobs’ experience overseas with the USO.

In addition to Afghanistan, “Meanwhile In America” also alludes to another crisis facing the United States—the record number of migrants who have been crossing the southern border.

“…Daddy wires money from San Antone, Mama prays for the day he comes home, His daddy’s daddy’s daddy did the same,” Emi sings.

“This song doesn’t take a specific position on any political issue,” Emi says. “It just recognizes that we are free in America, while many people in other parts of the world are risking their lives to get what many of us take for granted. I’m not trying to tell people what to think, but I hope they can find their own meaning in the words.”

(Listen to “Meanwhile In America” on Spotify:

Now 17 years old, EmiSunshine has been attracting national attention since she was 9 years old, with appearances on Today, NBC’s Little Big Shots, the Grand Ole Opry, American Idol and elsewhere. For publishing, she is represented by Wrensong Entertainment / Anthem Entertainment.

Radio distribution for “Meanwhile In America” is through Play MPE.

EmiSunshine’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and most other digital platforms, and at

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