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Rising Country Songwriter and Performing Artist Dallas Remington, Releases “One Night Rodeo”

NASHVILLE, TENN. – (January 14, 2022) – Rising Country songwriter and performing artist, Dallas Remington, known for her energy and ambition, has released a new single, “One Night Rodeo,” to digital music platforms. The song was written by Dallas Remington, Mark Narmore and Kasey Tyndall. Production, engineering and mixing was by Corey Lawson at Claw Sound Studios with mastering by Harold Larue Mastering. Studio musicians on the project included drums and percussion by Dave Ryan, bass, electric, acoustic guitar, keys and mandolin by Corey Lawson, dobro and pedal steel were played by Kyle Everson and background vocals were added by Corey Lawson. “One Night Rodeo” is available on all digital streaming and download platforms at

Photo Credit: Landon Wilkening – Lost Lake Co

“That stetson might’ve bought you
A night in Abilene 
Bet you sure knew how to sell that smile 
Down in New Orleans 
Any girl’d go crazy 
If they saw you in Cheyenne 
With just one hey darling they’d be
In the palm of your hand 

You might spread that charm from town to town
But once you get a taste you’re gonna wanna settle down

Cause I ain’t no one stop
Truck and trailer leaving with the sun
You think you will but you won’t get over me 
As fast as them horses run
Ain’t no first place, ‘hind closed gates
Rope me in then let me go 
Yeah you might be a cowboy
But I aint no One Night Rodeo…”

“I lucked up and got to help rope and wrangle a big ol’ hit with two songwritin’ sharpshooters’, Dallas Remington and Kasey Tyndall,” shared co-writer, Mark Narmore.

“In March 2020, my band and I performed at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. The very next morning, the Covid Pandemic shut down the remainder of the rodeo. After returning to Nashville, I had the thought,  “we had a One Night Rodeo.” I instantly wrote that down, knowing it needed to be a song. I took the idea to my friends Mark and Kasey via Zoom, and the rest is history. Out of all the songs I’ve written over the past couple years, I always come back to this being one of my favorites. I am so excited for the world to hear it!” exclaimed Dallas Remington.

Does a Cowboy Casanova finally meet his match in this newest Dallas Remington single? It seems like nowadays every girl wants to find herself a cowboy. Dallas Remington is no exception to that, but she has a message for all the cowboys out there. “You might be a cowboy, but I ain’t no One Night Rodeo”.

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