Roland Establishes Partnership with the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC)

UK-based artist advocacy group FAC partners with Roland to bring masterclasses, production and music-making expertise, world-class facilities and more to FAC membership in 2019


Los Angeles, CA, January 16, 2019 — Roland Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and professional audio and video gear, announced today their partnership with the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), a UK-based non-profit artist advocacy group that provides support, advice and education in order to empower artist entrepreneurs in the ever-evolving music industry. As part of this partnership, Roland and the FAC will bring co-developed masterclasses, production,n and music-making expertise, world-class facilities and more to FAC membership in 2019 and beyond. 

Lucie Caswell, FAC CEO, stated, “We are very excited to work with Roland, and the partnership echoes what we are all about – a passion for music-making and music makers. This great collaboration opens access to top-quality kit and professionals, alongside insights from the best and a real dialog between music creation and music innovation. Roland’s prioritization of the artist community makes this partnership an obvious and positive fit for our community.” 

 (Pictured L-R) Roland Corporation CEO and Representative Director Jun-ichi Miki and Roland Europe Group Artist Relations Manager Jamie Franklin during grand opening of the Roland Artist Relations Centre London at Metropolis Studios.

“The Roland team is thrilled to begin our official partnership with the Featured Artists Coalition. Roland’s ‘artist-first’ philosophy synchronizes seamlessly with the FAC’s ethos and mission as the community for artists, by artists, at the heart of the music industry,” added Roland Corporation Vice President of Key Influencers and Business Development Brian Alli. “With Roland artist relations centers and team members located in London, Berlin, Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and Nashville, Roland is uniquely poised to advocate for the FAC’s ever-growing roster of talented artists all over the world and cater to what’s most important to them.” 


Jamie Franklin, Roland Europe Group Artist Relations Manager, remarked, “As we continue to expand our artist and industry relationships from our new office at Metropolis Studios in London, this relationship with FAC is the perfect conduit for us to better communicate within the artist community. We are already working closely to develop workshops and events for the benefit of FAC members, and the coming year will no doubt be an exciting one for us all.”  

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