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Singer-Songwriter Ginger Winn releases new single “Pitta Patta” and announces new album ‘Stop-Motion’

Singer-songwriter Ginger Winn ditches her phone for the great outdoors with her latest track and video, “Pitta Patta,” out now. Winn’s dreamy, enchanting debut album STOP-MOTION is due out June 7 and available for pre-order now. Plus, Winn will support indie-pop artist beccs at The Avalon Lounge in Catskill, NY, on May 29, with more information available here.


Winn says “Pitta Patta” “is about capturing the feeling I had as a little girl spending time on my grandfather’s farm outside Florence, South Carolina, and about running away from city life. Sometimes, you need to turn your phone off and get some mud on your boots.” Winn recalls of her grandfather’s farm, “We had 22 horses, so many dogs, and were outside all the time hiking, playing, jumping on hay bales and picking fresh fruit. I’ve been trying to reconnect with my inner farm girl while making STOP-MOTION…and it was quite easy to do it while recording in David Baron’s studio atop Sun Mountain in the Catskills, exploring Woodstock, and sleeping next to the Esopus Creek.”

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The video, which was filmed in and around Woodstock, NY, including on the road where Bob Dylan once lived, is co-directed by Mikala Gallo and Brooklyn Zeh (who also stars in the video with Ginger). Echoing Winn, Zeh noted, The video for ‘Pitta Patta’ takes a youthful perspective on the disconnect between the modern lifestyle and the natural environment from which we are all created. The video is meant to inspire us to return to our roots, embracing the joy we experienced playing outside as children.” Co-director Gallo reveled in collaborating with all the creatives involved, adding, “Working with such talented and creative people to bring this song into motion was life-giving and has reminded me to embrace the slowness of life.”  

Watch “Pitta Patta” (Official Video)

STOP-MOTION, the debut album by Ginger Winn, is an alluring body of work that offers a bright glimmer of hope in an often bleak world. It captures the artist’s hopes, dreams, and experiences as Winn explores her place in the world and who she might become. Winn recorded ten songs in 18 days with David Baron (The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, Shawn Mendes), who is currently Top 5 on both Rock and Alternative producer Billboard charts and produced the wildly popular “Scared to Start” by Michael Marcagi at his own Sun Mountain Studios in Boiceville, NY. Winn carefully crafted a body of work that encourages reflection, daydreaming, and wonder while simultaneously confronting truths, no matter how difficult it may be. The collection, Winn says, “is a 27-minute carousel ride through a renaissance. You will fall in love, build your dreams, rip down reality, face your fears, reconnect with your inner child, and escape this world for a moment while reflecting on your place in it. A reminder to enjoy what you can, when you can, if you can because the carousel ride won’t last forever.”

Reflecting on working with Winn and the completed body of work, Baron shares, “Ginger Winn is a rare diamond. A mature artist who has not released music before (almost unheard of these days). Her style and songs are diverse in style. They are unified by her personality which is both approachable and a bit mysterious. She has an interesting career ahead of her.”

On the album itself, Baron says, “The album feels like a memoir. It captures that ‘day in the life’ like many of the best books and records. I recommend listening to the record as a unified whole. It is exciting to be involved in the inception of an artist as powerful as Ginger.”

In March, Winn introduced herself with the tender “Super 8,” a modern dreamy love song inspired by the complexities of being a young woman and the hard-fought realities of making one’s own ever-winding dreams come true. Winn’s ethereal, booming vocals invite listeners into the hazy, dream-like reality of her anxious and ambitious mind. With an acoustic guitar mixed with swelling horns, the artist chronicles the intricacies of falling in love with recollections that feel familiar yet distant–as if to watch flashbacks playback on Super 8 film.

The track arrived with a video, appropriately shot on Super 8 film, directed by Tina Baione and Ellery Luse Weiss and edited by Nicholas Paul, bringing Winn’s multifaceted story to life. It’s a tribute to all that dreams offer–from powerful to surreal to sweet, where a slumbering Winn oscillates between dreamworld and reality, finding herself in peculiar places like Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn, NY, and the backroads of Tuscany.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Ginger Winn has been singing and songwriting since age nine. With the pursuit of music always central in her mind, she began working as a freelance music producer online over two years ago, leading her to her latest offering–”Super 8.” In 2022, Winn received a message from Tina Baione to help turn her husband Matthew’s poetry into a song, and “Super 8” was born. The three have been making music together ever since and, through Winn’s music, are thrilled to build a visual universe of their own.

Watch “Frosting” (Official Video) | Listen

Watch “Super 8” (Official Video) | Listen

STOP-MOTION (LP) Tracklist


01. Off Course

02. Super 8

03. Averna

04. Nightmares are Free, but Dreams are Sold

05. 8:48

06. Breaking News

07. Autumn Leaves

08. Coddiwomple

09. Pitta Patta (Grahamsville)

10. Lightning in a Bottle


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